Field Trip - St. Thomas Mount - 10th July, 2009

Students and Staff members enjoyed summer fun day picnic at St. Thomas Mount Hill. Children were excited to see the airplanes takeoff and land at Chennai airport. They also experienced the joy of giving refreshments to the underprivileged children at the home run by the convent.

Fruit Salad Day - 17th July, 2009

Fruit Salad day gave us an opportunity to teach children about nutrition and to provide them the feeling of achievement. Our little chefs brought their favorite fruit to school and prepared a tasty and healthy fruit salad with the help of their teachers.

Break-Out 2009 – 22nd August

Our first talent meet “BREAK-OUT 2009”was a gala event. The children of our neighborhood were all geared up to showcase their talents at our campus. This event provided a platform for the young children to understand their potential and to boost their confidence. The host show by the students of SFIS was a jewel in the crown

Teachers’ Day - 5th September, 2009

Children showered their teachers who are shaping their childhood, wiping their tears and making them smile, with roses, sweets, cards and loads of love and affection. They also paired up with their teachers and danced to the music. It was a fun filled day for both staff and students.

Water- Melon Day - 8th September, 2009

Watermelon seed was sown, monitored and cared by the children of Sr.KG and Grade I. This helped them understand how plants grow and what they need and they also learnt to develop a respect for other living things.  Two huge watermelons were shared among their friends and teachers at a healthy snack break.

Color Day - 17th September, 2009

The children were all dressed up according to their class colors. Pre KG showed their strength, intelligence and peace in Blue. Jr. KG filled up the classroom with energy, warmth and health in Orange and Sr.KG and Grade 1 expressed love, passion, joy and power in Red.

Favorite Day – 18th September, 2009

Favorite Day began as a beautiful and happiest day of the term when children brought their favorite toys, and music instruments and shared it with their friends. They enjoyed the day by exchanging the toys and their passion towards each other and made it heartfelt.

Car- Wash day – 30th October, 2009

To raise the awareness of cleanliness and safety, we organized “Car Wash Day”. Students readily splashed water on the car and with sponges and buckets of water, they took the chance to get wet and have fun.

Dental Visit – 6th November, 2009

Oral care month was celebrated at SFIS for the children to learn proper dental hygiene habits. Dr. G. Sowjanya, Chief Dental surgeon at Dr. Smilez Dental Care Center, Ashok Nagar explained them on how to take care of their teeth. A complete dental check-up was also conducted by the Dentists.

Children’s Day – 14th November, 2009

The day was celebrated with pomp and fun. “Keeping clean” was the theme of the day. Children dressed up like toothpaste, soap; shower and mop made by our staff and explained the importance of cleanliness. Games were played; sweets and gifts were distributed to all children.  The show was complete with music and dance.

Field Trip – Parle Biscuit Factory – 27th November2009

Our students got their “Parle Break” by visiting Parle biscuit factory. The trip was arranged for the students to experience the know-how of their favorite chocolates and Biscuits. They also watched the packing and supplying process. The trip was an excitement to the children.

Christmas day - 18th December 2009

Christmas celebrations started with lots of balloons and a surprise visit from Santa Claus. Children had fun singing and dancing with Santa and went home with gifts and candies from the father of Christmas.

Harvest festival - 13th January 2010

Thai Pongal” was celebrated at our school campus to help the children understand the importance of being thankful to Sun God, Mother Nature and livestock. We prepared traditional “Pongal” using clay pot and spilled over the milk to show the material abundance. All of us had fun eating the sweet pongal and sugarcanes.

Kite Day - 22nd January 2010

This day shows that we don’t miss any opportunity to have fun with our students. We chose a windy day and enjoyed flying and running around with the kites we made.

Pet Day - 5th February 2010

Pet day was to show their love and care for animals and birds. Our students shared their classrooms with loveable rabbits, fishes, love birds and a dog on this day.

Trip to Guindy Park - 26th February 2010

All our children had fun visiting the Guindy Children’s Park and Snake Park.  They were so excited to see all the colourful birds and different types of Crocodiles and snakes.  The day ended with fun at the play area in the park.

Annual Day & Graduation Day - 31st March 2010

This day was a colourful and memorable day for all of us.  Children of SFIS twisted and rolled with their glittering costumes. Our passionate staff was excited to reward all their students with personalized talent certificates.  The Day was presided over by Prof.Dr.Chandrasekaran who graduated our little achievers.  Our young graduates went home holding their heads high.