Colour Day - 18th July 2011

Our Kindergarten was like a colour wheel on 18th July 2011. Pre Kg students and teachers came in RED attire to show they are highly energetic. Junior KG – A wore Blue to show their wisdom, confidence and intelligence. Junior KG – B wore Green to symbolize harmony and freshness. Senior KG wore Yellow and shone like sun. The day was full of enthusiasm, creativity and Passion.

Independence Day - 12th August 2011

The unfurling of our tricolour flag with all our proud little citizens saluting the flag was a treat for the eyes during Independence Day celebration on August 12, 2011. In honour of the day, children danced to patriotic tunes and sung patriotic songs and presented speeches about the culmination of our long struggle for freedom. At the end of the day Magicians Mr. Thamin Ansari and Mr. Jawahar took all our students into his world of illusion.

Field Trip (Kindergarten) - 19th August 201

Our Kindergarten children were taken to the beautifully done Semmozhi Poonga on August 19, 2011. Children were amazed to see the charming entrance and the green ambience inside the poonga. They were also curious to learn about the special imported plants, the pine and the bamboo and the trees that can suck insects and trees that can drive away mosquitoes. It was a nice outing for all our young explorers.

Field Trip (Primary) - 20th August 2011

Our primary students were taken to Birla planetarium to explore the cosmic world on August 20, 2011. It was a magnificent experience with the twinking stars and shooting meteoroids and the rotating solar system. It was also enlightening and satisfied the curiosity of our students on Science and its principles and answered their queries about the celestial phenomena.

Teachers' Day - 5th Sep 2011

Teachers appreciation day was celebrated on September 5, 2011. Sixth grade students became teachers and had the privilege to enact like their teachers. It was a joyful experience for both students and teachers. The celebration was complemented with dance performance by our students. It was an opportunity for the teachers to experience the joys of childhood again.

Automobile Day - 28th Oct 2011

As a part of basic life skills program our Primary children had an insight on how to remove a punctured wheel and fix a new one, how to check on the oil, little mechanics on the engine and learnt the names of the parts of a car – explained by one of our drivers, Punithavel. They also got themselves and the school van washed and cleaned at the end of the day.

Camp Fire - 4th Nov 2011

Campfire was a great success and an extended stay experience for students from grades 4 to 6 spent a night at the school campus . Students had fun reliving the Stone Age and enjoyed communicating in their own creative language with sounds and learnt team building skills by performing skits. It was also a Dinner and a movie night.

Children's Day - 12th Nov 2011

The theme of the day was “No worries” and so it was named as “Hakuna Matata” – The objective of the day was to create awareness among the students and the parents and it was achieved by the effort of our four houses Jhansi Rani Laxmi Bhai (Red), Sarojini Naidu(Green), Subrmaniya Bharathiyar (Yellow) and Nethaji Subash Chandrabose (Blue) on topics such as Safety, Child Abuse, General Hygiene and First Aid respectively. All appreciation to teachers and parents who made the day complete with their food stalls and Game stalls. Bookfair was also organized which added more value to the day.

Favorite Day – 18th Nov 2011

Kindergarten children came wearing their favorite dress, brought favorite Snacks, lunch and toys. They enjoyed the day showing off their things and letting us know why it was their favorite. Sr.KG went one step ahead and enacted their favorite job in future, playing like teachers, doctors.

Field Trip to German Consulate - 17th Dec 2011

As a holiday treat, our students of Grade 2 to Grade 6 were taken on a field trip to Maxmueller Bhavan where they hosted a Christmas movie "Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella" on 17.12.11. Arts & Crafts Workshop was also conducted and the holiday spirit was enlightened with presents from Santa.

Christmas Celebrations - 22nd Dec 2011

Christmas was celebrated with great cheer on 22.12.11. Teachers had a wonderful time singing carols and the children danced merrily. A surprise visit from the Santa clause and the exchange of balloons and crafts made it festive.

Picnic - 25th Jan 2012

Our pre kg and Jr kg students threw their bags and books into the corners for a day of relaxation and fun at St. Thomas Mount. They packed their picnic baskets full of treats and had outdoor meals under the tree which made it tastier.

Visit to the Zoo - 27th Jan 2012

Our Sr.Kg students visited Vandaloor zoo on 27th Jan. 2012. They were amazed and thrilled to go a safari ride to see the lions and tigers let free. They also saw lot of birds, Deer, monkeys and Bears. It was a great day with different experience and was enjoyable.

Visit to Queensland - 28th Jan 2012

Our Students from Grade 3 to Grade 6 were taken to Queensland theme park on28th Jan.2012 for a full day of rides and fun. Our staff and students enjoyed going dizzy in Roller coasters and space shuttles, got wet in the wave pool. The day was full of entertainment and also funny with students helping teachers to enjoy the ride.

Pongal celebrations - 13th Jan 2012

Pongal was celebrated with its significance and true spirit at SFIS. Our staff made Pongal in traditional "Ponga Paanai" placed in a wooden stove outdoors on top of Pongal Kolam. Students enjoyed the feast of Sweet Pongal and Sugarcane. What can be more fun without dancing to folk tunes at the end of the day.

Sports Day - 11th Feb 2012

SFIS Annaul Sports Fest 2012 was celebrated on 11th Feb. 2012. Our Chief Guest was Ajit Wijetiekk- International Badminton player and Ek- Lavya awaerdee, Karnataka. Our little Karate Kids demonstrated their skills in self control, Self defense and Self discipline. Our yogis demonstrated Strength, Coordination, flexibility and body awareness. All events showcased were for Mind and Body. Formation of human Pyramid, Aerobics, and formation dance were some of the jewels of the day.

Reading Day - 20th Jan 2012

Our main aim for Reading day was "Read to Succeed". Children enjoyed reading books together with their classmates. Our Kindergarten students enjoyed reading aloud stories and giggling with their friends and our primary students were enthusiastic to search for fresh titles and our staff enjoyed the bonding and shared their old favorites with the students.

Annual Day and Kindergarten Graduation Day – 1st April 2011

Our Second Annual Day and Kindergarten Graduation Day was celebrated on 01/04/11. It was a wonderful and enjoyable evening for all parents who enjoyed their children dancing as little chickens and roaring as cute little wild animals. Grand finale was a musical by our primary students with a message to plant more trees to save “Our Earth”.