Pre Kg & Jr. Kg to St. Thomas Mount – 02.08.2013

Our floral buds from kinder garden enjoyed the view of Chennai like never before with astonishment from a bird's eye view. It was a memorable moment for the kids to stand in a blessed place which is rated as a heritage site by historians.

Sr. Kg to Guindy Park – 05.08.2013

Field trips offer an opportunity for students to get an exposure to ?real? people and events .The kids went on a trip to Guindy national park. They enjoyed seeing variety of snakes, animals and birds. They learned to share their snacks, food with their friends and learned to be more responsible, loving and caring towards each other. At the end of the day the kids played in the park and enjoyed themselves.

Grade – 1 & 2 to Birla Planetarium & Anna Centunary Library – 08.08.2013

There is no better way for our children to step into primary education by getting to see their planet the way it actually looks from outer space and the galaxies that exist at Birla planetarium. We thought this was the most appropriate eye-opener we could provide to our building ambassadors. To emphasize the habit of reading books and educate the fact of knowledge is wealth. We also took them to Anna Centunary library just adjacent to the planetarium.

The Independence Day - 14.08.2013

The Independence day celebration was a memorable event with participants from all classes joined together to re - emphasize the glory of our independence and the struggle we underwent to achieve it.

Colour's day celebration - 30.08.2013

Colours open the doors of imagination for children. We turned a day colourful by making our Kindergarten fairy come in different colours like red (Jr. Kg A), blue(Jr. Kg B), green(Jr. Kg C), yellow (Sr. Kg B), Pink(Pre. Kg) and Orange(Sr. Kg A). The entire atmosphere looked colourful and the kids enjoyed themselves.

Grade – 4 to 8 to Science exhibition on rails - 30.08.2013

With the world getting polluted every day, we thought the need and a conversation of the same needs has to start from children. The science exhibition on wheels organized by Indian railways was very helpful in changing the view of our growing geniuses pertaining to eco system and bio-diversity.

The Teacher's day - 05.09.2013

The teacher's day celebration was the best gift any teacher could have ever had from their students. The occasion embraced with emotions and love from our tiny tots, with varied programmes.

4 th Annual Sports Day – 26th October 2013

The day started off with March Past of all the four house leaders leading their teams proudly carrying their house flags. Mr. Johnson Selvakumar, Athlete National Level, our chief guest hoisted the flag and declared open the 4th Annual Sports Meet. Our students show cast their talents in the field of sports. There were sport events of shot put, relay, 100 mts running apart from every class having its own variety of sport event. End of the day winners got cups, medals and certificates.

Christmas Celebrations - 20th December 2013

As the calendar year coming to an end and children completing their term – 2 exams were in a very happy mood and were eagerly waiting for the arrival of Santa Clause. They sang Christmas carols, danced to the tunes of Christmas songs. The day came to an end with Santa Clause giving gifts to all the children in school.

Pongal Celebrations – 10th January 2014

“Thai Piranthal Vazhi Pirakum” is the statement of Tamil Nadu’s harvest festival. On this day the entire school was decorated traditionally by tying thoranam and putting kollam and rangoli. The staff members together prepared Pongal. Children relished eating it and enjoyed playing a few traditional games and danced to traditional music.

Camp Fire – 14th February 2014

Students of grades 4 to 8 had a wonderful experience of overnight stay in school. They had dance, music and fun games sitting around the fire for about an hour and had sumptuous briyani for dinner and latter watched a movie which had their favourite star cast. The night went on with children sharing their beds, snacks, stories and went back home happy with a feeling of an elevated friendship.

Workers – Day19th March 2014

19th March is always remembered as St. Joseph’s day who basically was a carpenter, a worker who made furniture for others to have a comfortable life. So, on this day we franscians, always never forget to recognize our non-teaching team members’ efforts to make our stay safe and clean in the school. As part of our gratitude we entertain them with dances and comedy skits and later give gifts to everyone of them.

Kindergarten graduation and Annual day celebrations – 21st March 2014

Towards, the end of the Academic year we have a grand celebration for the success of a year’s achievements in academics and non-academic activities. Mrs. B.N. Malar Selvi, Asst. Prof. Dept. of Fashion Management Studies, NIFT, Taramani, Chennai, was the chief guest and Mr. Michael James, Chairman, Colours International School, Tambaram was the guest of honour. All the students of SFIS participated and show cast their talents. Certificates for best performance academic were given to students and cent percent attendance for both students and staff members were given.