Father’s Day – 26th Jun 2015

Father’s day was celebrated on 26th June 2015 in our kindergarten section. A few fathers were invited to each class and were given hands on experience of how to handle a group of three plus year olds. The time was made useful by fathers telling stories, reciting rhymes and also by performing magic shows. The day came to end by sharing gifts and cards among fathers and children.

Mother’s day – 10th Jul 2015

Care, love and affection are the words that are always associated with mothers. To honour the mothers, the kindergarten students invited a few mothers to their classes. The day was filled with joy, laughter, singing and dancing. Mothers brought gifts and snacks for the children and children in return gave them cards and crowned the mothers as “World’s Best Mom”.

A trip to senmozhi poonga by Sr. Kindergarten – 24th Jul 2015

The park provided a perfect ambience for children to use their five senses. They observed the sounds made by birds and insects, saw different plants and trees, smelt the flowers, shared and tasted different food with their friends and played together. The children had a wonderful time.

A trip to Biscuit Factory by Primary Student – 31st Jul 2015

It was a valuable learning experience for the primary students. As a group together from Grade 1 to 6 went on a trip to a biscuit factory to know how biscuits are made and packed and sent to the dealers. They not only had the opportunity to see how biscuits are made but also were delighted to taste it too. The managers there helped them to understand how machineries worked and how the entire process happens.

Dental Camp – 1st Aug 2015

Children need regular and ongoing preventive oral care and hygiene. To create this awareness we conducted a dental camp at our school campus and the oral assessment was done by SKP Dental team.

Fruit Salad Day – 05th Aug 2015

Yummy day! Fruit salad day at SFIs was celebrated by kindergarten with great excitement. The benefits of eating fruits were told. To make the occasion participatory, children wore chef caps along with the teachers and prepared fruits salad with their own choice of fruits and later enjoyed eating it too.

Sandwich day – 13th Aug 2015

After learning the benefits of fruits the children were also taught about the vegetables. The budding chefs prepared sandwich with bread, butter, cucumber, tomato, onions and carrots and had it as healthy snacks.

A trip to St. Thomas Mount – Pre & Jr. Kindergarten - 23rd Aug 2015

Our tiny tots went on a short trip to St. Thomas Mount. It was their first experience, travelling with their friends and teachers. They were overjoyed spending the day with their friends, seeing aeroplanes taking off and landing. Later sharing and eating their snacks and travelling back to school singing rhymes in the bus.

Break Out 2015 – Aug 15th 2015

On our 69th Indian Independence day, we had our cultural festival “Break – Out 2015”.This day, our students compete with each other to prove their extra-curricular talents .Competions for every class both on stage and off stage were conducted. MR. Michael James, Chairman, Colours Group of Schools and Mrs. Sumita Michael, Director, Colours Group of School, Dr. Mohan Kumar, Professor Orthopedics, MR. Om Sivaramakrishan, Regional Development Officer – Academics, Pearson Qualifications International were our judges. The students had a healthy competition between Bharathiyar ( Yellow House), Sarojini Naidu (Green House), Laxmi Bai (Red House) and Netaji (Blue House).

Christmas Celebrations – Dec 24th 2015

Children had fun singing and dancing to Christmas music. Santa clause visited the campus and gave gifts to the children and wished them all Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

Pongal Celebrations – Jan 14th 2016

Harvest festival was celebrated in the most traditional way by preparing Pongal, eating sugar canes and playing the unique southern traditional games.

Talent Pool – Feb 20th 2016

This is the most awaited day where the children show cast their talents by displaying and explaining the working models on various topics in the field of science. Parents visit the campus and understand how creative and talented their children are.

Pre- & Junior - kindergarten’s visit to Aavin Park – Feb 25th 2016

Tiny toddlers were taken to an Aavin Park where they spent the day playing and eating ice-creams.

Sr. Kindergarten’s visit to Guindy Zoo – Feb 29th 2016

Children were excited to see all the animals and birds live which they had seen in picture books. They spent the day playing and sharing snacks with their fiends.

A day in Pondicherry – Grades 4 to 6 – Mar 4th 2016

The day’s fun started very early by 5.30am and went on till late night 11.30pm. Children visited all the historical places in Pondicherry and had a memorable time play, shopping and sharing time with friends.

A Trip to Folk land (Amusement Park) - Grades 1 to 3 – Mar 11th 2016

Lower Primary visited the folk land amusement park at the Besant Nagar Beach. They enjoyed the rides and a 3D show. It was a day filled fun and joy.

Super Market Day – Sr. Kindergarten – Mar 11th 2016

A SFIS Sr.KG. Shopping Mall was setup by the teachers of kindergarten and the children were given roles to play as sellers and buyers. One group was given fake money to buy the items displayed in the store. Another group of students took the role as sellers and helped the customers. On this day children learnt the concept of money.

Awards and prizes won by students

Our multi - talented students participate in various competitions that are held by other schools or organizations. It is always a definite YES for our Franciscans to bring laurels to the school.

  • National level Rangotsav (colouring &Handwriting)
  • National Olympiad Exams (English, Maths, Science and cyber)
  • All India karate championship
  • National level School’s India (Colouring & Essay Writing)