Favourite Handmade-Toy Day (Sr. Kindergarten): – 24th Jun 2016

Favourite handmade-toy day was a fun day for Sr. KG Students to kindle kids’ creativity in showing off their own hand made toys and to speak about them. Teachers surprised the kids by giving handmade toys to all. Children were so excited in showing off their own creativity

Favourite Day (Jr. Kindergarten) – 8th Jul 2016

Beautiful dress, yummy snacks, fun time with toys, loveable cartoon characters, popping popcorn and many more events were happening for the kiddies on Favourite Day of Jr. KG.

Conservation & Colour day – 28th Jul 2016

Kindergarten celebrated world Conservation Day on 28.07.2016. To bring about awareness for our kids, on keeping our earth clean, activities were based on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They invited the higher primary students and performed a demo session on how to segregate the bio-waste from non-bio-waste. They fixed bird houses on the trees to provide food for the birds. Added to that, children came dressed in different colours which combined colours of nature “Green, Blue, Brown, Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple”.

Favourite Fruit Day (Pre Kindergarten) – 13th Jul 2016

Pre KG celebrated favourite fruit day. The main focus was to teach, eating fruits daily is a healthy habit. Each child choose their favourite fruit and made colourful displays with the help of the teachers. Each student came forward to speak or sing about their favourite fruit. The class ended with making fresh fruit salad and enjoyed eating it too.

Fire Drill Day – 21st Jul 2016

On 21.07.2016 the school arranged “Fire Drill” demo, to bring awareness on how to act during emergency time. Students were given instructions on how to exit without creating panic. Some volunteer students and teachers participated in “MOCK Drill” on fire and safety, using simple cardboard pieces and CEASEFIRE to manage the fire flames during emergencies.

Field Trip:
Pre. KG & Jr. KG – 1st Aug 2016

They went on a trip to St. Thomas Mount, an age old monument depicting the life of St. Thomas. Children visited the church and had birdview of the Chennai Airport’s runway, they enjoyed seeing the landing and takeoff of the Aeroplanes

Sr. KG – 3rd Aug 2016

Sr. KG’s trip to Guindy National Park was an educational and enjoyable outdoor activity. They enjoyed watching different species of snakes and crocodile. They learnt about old trees with different shades of green. Some kids were engaged in their own creative work on sand by building sand castles, and later enjoyed playing games with the teachers.

Grade 1 to 7 – Pre & Jr. Kindergarten - 5th Aug 2016

A visit to Rail Museum at ICF was a very useful and informative trip to the primary students. They were able to understand the different types of engines and how the Rail Road functions. They also had a good insight of the types of gauges that are used in the Rail tracks. Added to the learning part, they thoroughly enjoyed having fun by going on a short trip in the toy train.

Harvest festival - 13th January 2017

"Thai Pongal” was celebrated at our school campus to help the children understand the importance of being thankful to Sun God, Mother Nature and livestock. We prepared traditional “Pongal” using clay pot and spilled over the milk to show the material abundance. All of us had fun eating the sweet pongal and sugarcanes.

Sport’s Day Celebration – 1st October 2016

The 7th annual sports meet started with Lord’s prayer followed by Principal’s welcome speech. As soon as the flag was hoisted by chief guest the sport’s meet began with majestic parade and March past by our students.
Student’s proved they are no less than any sport’s person by enthusiastically taking part in all sports events. Children also showcased their versatility in yoga, aerobics, formation dance, pyramid formation and karate. Children took home their victory as the programme ended with National Anthem.

Annual Day

2017’s Annual day and kindergarten graduation day was an eventful day for SFIS. On this day, franciscans celebrated the academic year’s success in all fields – academics, cultural, co-curicular. Ms. Sharmila Soman, Principal of Kola Saraswathi Vaishnav Senior Secondary School was the chief guest and our always encouraging and guiding well wishes Mr.Michael and Mrs.Sumitha Michael was our guest of honour along with all trust members Mr. Selesteen and Mr. Alangara Michael to graced the occasion. Children with all enthusiasm show cast their talents.

Workers Day

SFIS always makes it a point to recognise every one’s work and teach students to appreciate and recognise people who help them in all walks of life. On workers day we thank all our drivers and house keeping workers for their silent effort in building a name to SFIS.

Awards and prizes won by students

Our multi - talented students participate in various competitions that are held by other schools or organizations. It is always a definite YES for our Franciscans to bring laurels to the school.

  • National level Rangotsav (colouring &Handwriting)
  • National Olympiad Exams (English, Maths, Science and cyber)
  • All India karate championship
  • National level School’s India (Colouring & Essay Writing)