Family Day

SFIS started off their 2017/2018 academic year activities with pre-Kg celebrating “Family day”. Parents spent time interacting with our tiny tots, Playing, singing, distributing snacks and gifts to all kids. It was an enjoyable day with parents, teachers and children together in a classroom environment.

Flower Day

Jr.Kg celebrated “Flowers Day” with bright and colourful display of flowers adorning the school premises. Children dressed in stunning attire of flower costumes. Our aim was to expose children to flower world, distinguishing between different kinds flowers, colours and their uses.

Food Day

Sr.Kg, celebrated “Food Day”. Children exposed to culinary and cookery skills with food day celebrations. Our kiddies participated as chefs in alive cookery demonstration; they also exhibited their speaking skills on the importance of eating healthy food. They enjoyed the afternoon with food games, eating and sharing child friendly healthy snacks together.

Break out 2017

“The things you learn with joy are the things that you remember most early.” We at SFIS want all our students to achieve their full potential and hence this year’s annual break out event (2017) was celebrated with joy, pomp and passion. The participants were excited and inspired. They truly BROKE OUT of their shells and Showed the world who they really were and what they were really made of! It was an energized and captivating event. We will not say that this event has come to an end, but we will say that the BREAKOUT 2017 was a gateway to new beginnings.