Family Day

SFIS started off their 2017/2018 academic year activities with pre-Kg celebrating “Family day”. Parents spent time interacting with our tiny tots, Playing, singing, distributing snacks and gifts to all kids. It was an enjoyable day with parents, teachers and children together in a classroom environment.

Flower Day

Jr.Kg celebrated “Flowers Day” with bright and colourful display of flowers adorning the school premises. Children dressed in stunning attire of flower costumes. Our aim was to expose children to flower world, distinguishing between different kinds flowers, colours and their uses.

Food Day

Sr.Kg, celebrated “Food Day”. Children exposed to culinary and cookery skills with food day celebrations. Our kiddies participated as chefs in alive cookery demonstration; they also exhibited their speaking skills on the importance of eating healthy food. They enjoyed the afternoon with food games, eating and sharing child friendly healthy snacks together.

Break out 2017

“The things you learn with joy are the things that you remember most early.” We at SFIS want all our students to achieve their full potential and hence this year’s annual break out event (2017) was celebrated with joy, pomp and passion. The participants were excited and inspired. They truly BROKE OUT of their shells and Showed the world who they really were and what they were really made of! It was an energized and captivating event. We will not say that this event has come to an end, but we will say that the BREAKOUT 2017 was a gateway to new beginnings.

Sports Day – 2017

“The road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection, but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure”.

St. Francis International School’s much awaited Annual Sports day was held on 09.09.2017. The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way, with the oath being administered by the special guest of the day, Mr. T. Joshua (Assistant Director, Directorate of Enforcement (ED), Ministry of Finance) . Indeed, gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They are made of the sweat, determination and a hard – to – find alloy called guts.

“The day started with some of the finest mass drill performances. This was followed by the 100mt. sprint race. The Kindergarten students also displayed a high level of sportsmanship. The students and parents were enthralled by the performances of the formation dancers. Last, but not the least, the students exemplified the strength, unity and a high level of dedication through their pyramid routine.

It’s not the team with the best players that wins. It’s the players with the best team that wins.

Colour day – 2017

““Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour”. And that’s exactly what we at SFIS – Kindergarten, celebrated on “Colours Day”.

“The rainbow is full of colours true Red is the heart of love for you Orange the warm midday sun Yellow your sunshine is smiles of fun Green is new life in the world all around Blue in the sky and the oceans round Indigo – the depth of the blue Violets The completed rainbow true.”

On “Colour Day” our teachers decorated the stage with a colourful Rangoli. The pre KG, Junior KG and Senior KG classes were ornamented with in their selected colours which included toys, poster, paintings and models. Teachers and children were all dressed up in their respective colourful attire and they looked stunning. The children recited many rhymes and songs on colours and even spoke about objects and characters dressed in their respective colours. Some classes brought sweets, juices and gifts related to their colour and shared them with their friends. Sr. Kg played a musical game with colours and the winners were crowned as the colour queen and colour king on this enjoyable day.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most” (by John Ruskin).

Pets Day – 2017

Tom Hayden once said that, “Animals motivate us to play, be affectionate seek adventure and be loyal”. Inorder to inculcate these qualities into our SFIS. Kindergarten, the blooming buds, organized this fun and eventful “Pets Day 2017”. All the events circled around the theme, “I AM YOUR FAITHFUL AND TRUE FRIEND”. The main objective was to create awareness in the minds of our tiny tots.

Students with the help of their parents brought in their real pets. A rabbit, love birds, chicks, pigeon, fish and a dog. Few of them spoke about their pets. Many of our students carried their soft toy pets and a soft toy pet corner was set up. Students enjoyed playing with their pets and feeding them. They were also shown how to bathe a dog and care for it. “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” (by Anatole France)

Children’s Day – 2017

“There are somethings we can’t buy, one such thing is our childhood ……. Let’s enjoy the spirit of Children’s Day”. We at St. Francis International School believe that children are God’s creation. They spread happiness and joy in every season. This children’s Day (14th November), we celebrated the innocence, playfulness, joy and freedom of childhood. The day began with a playful skit, that was put up by the teachers. Then it was followed by a series of games. Next, the students let their hair down and danced their hearts out to some of their favourite songs. There is a say, at “smile can speak a thousand words”. This children’s day, the walls of the school definitely echoed with the sounds of laughter and joy from each and every child.