Family Day – Pre. KG. – 21st July 2018

This event happens once a year in our kindergarten wing at St. Francis International School. This year Pre. KG celebrated Family Day with our tiny tots to create a bond among the parent-student and teacher. Pictures and quotes depicting the importance of this day were displayed. It revived and rekindled the importance of love and affection in families. Teachers prepared children with an exciting group dance. The involvement of parents in games and in a puppet show was a highlight of the day. Dr. Renuka, our Guest Parent delivered a special message focused on, "Children Learn Better With Healthy Eating Habits" that was a valuable information to all people gathered.

Cartoon Day – Jr. KG.- 4th August 2018

SFIS Jr. KG celebrated Cartoon Day that highlighted the entertaining aspect in every kids life. We provided a platform to our tiny tots to dress up, act, sing and speak in a new imaginative language about their favourite cartoon character. It was a day to rejoice with the iconic Mini Mouse making its entry on stage. It bonded the kids well united and brought out the best childhood transparency.

"Me and My Nature" - Sr.KG. – 11th August 2018

'Nature cannot speak for herself. So we must'. It is a fact. Sr.KG staged a programme to encourage and develop children's love for Nature at this very young age. Kids implanted seeds. They were shown creative ways to grow mini herbs. Nature art was displayed. Nature poems were recited and enacted. The fact of caring for Nature creates awareness among us and other living things on the Earth. This was the highlight of the Chief Guest's speech. At the end of a fun filled day, every child felt thrilled and carried home a plant to nurture for their future.

Field Trip Pre. KG & Jr. KG

Pre.KG & Jr.KG students were taken for a field trip to St.Thomas Mount National Hill Shrine. Our tiny tots enjoyed the enchanting atmosphere on the hill top. Through the grilled open space on the top, the children had seen the exquisite sight of the whole city of Chennai and an aerial view of our airport. They were very much excited to see airplanes take off and landing.

Field Trip – Sr. KG – 16th August 2018

Sr.Kg students were taken to Guindy National park on 16.08.2018. Children were shown too many species of birds and animals. They went on an adventurous Nature walk, looked closely in the sand for insects like earth worms, millipedes, ants and collected seeds. They played under the shade of huge trees. Some of them enjoyed climbing trees and stumps as well. They had also seen the snakes, crocodile park and had a close encounter with monkeys.

Field Trip Grade 1 to 3 – 16th August 2018

Excited Students from Grade -1-3 visited Crocodile Park on 16.08.2018.Students were thrilled at the very sight of hundreds of Crocodiles together in a pool. They learned about the habitat of crocodiles and their feeding habits. A trip will not be complete if Tiger-cave is not visited. Yes, we completed the trip by visiting the tiger cave; a tremendous cave still existing from the Pallava period.

Field Trip Grade 4 to 9 – 18th August 2018

Students visited Tamil Nadu Sea shell Museum on 18.08.2018, the largest seashell museum in India. It was mesmerizing as they viewed nearly 40,000 rare and unique seashell species. Later students enjoyed pushing Krishna’s butterball (imagining they could roll down the boulder).The students returned home pondering about the great structure of the Five Rathas of Pallavas.

Doctor’s Day – 2nd July 2018 & 4th July 2018

To honor Doctors, National Doctor’s Day was celebrated on 2nd July 2018 and 4th July 2018 in SFIS.On 2nd July 2018, Dr. Nirmal Famila Bettie, M.D.S Prosthodontics specialist gave a talk on ‘oral hygiene’, and ”Healthy Body and Mind”. On 4th July 2018, Dr. M. Prakash, M.B.B.S, D.L.O, D.N.B,P.D.C.R,F.I, M.S.A, PhD, Head, Neck & Skull surgeon educated the students about UNESCO guidelines for ‘Good touch and Bad touch’.

Independence Day – 15th August 2018

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us the bravery to stand against the wrong and fight for the right. Here we paid tribute to our freedom fighters. Our students showcased their patriotism and celebrated the remembrance day of our fighters.

International Yoga Day

Yoga cleans our body and soul. To implement its importance, our school celebrated International Yoga Day on ( ), where our students performed the spiritual practices which originated from our ancient India.

Teachers Day – 5th September 2018

The students of primary along with the management organized a celebration for teachers on 5th of September with great fervor students presented dances, song and a skit to honor teachers. Our correspondent & Principal felicitated the teachers with surprise gifts to show their appreciation for teachers’ hard work and dedication.

Literacy Day – 10th September 2018

August month was observed as reading month. Students were encouraged to read story books. World Literacy Day was celebrated on 10th September 2018 in SFIS. Mr. Vamsi Deepak Sankar B.E, L.L.B, a publisher and one of the founding member of ‘Public Speakers Association of India’ was invited as chief Guest. He has worked as a publishing manager with top publishing houses like Mc-Graw Hill Education, Orient Blackswan and ‘The Hindu’, Mr. Vamsi expounded about the ways to improve students writing skills.

Sports Day – 25th August 2018

Our tenth Annual Sports Day Celebration was conducted on 25th August 2018. It provided a great platform to the students to show case the spirit of sportsmanship. Amidst the great mirth and turn out of parents, students and staff members. a spectacular impressive march fast by the four houses rendered the spectators speechless. Our tiny tots participated in a costume extravaganza walk. It was a delight to see children challenge themselves to vary races. The splendid Field Displays, such as Mass Drill, Formation, Yoga, Karate and Pyramid were presented by involving our young energetic Franciscans. These events worked as a medium to channelize the abundant energy in right direction and help children discover their interest in outdoor activities. Our young achievers were awarded with certificates and trophies. This collective energy of students and facilitators added up to the fun filled day.

English Club – 13th July 2018 & 14th July 2018

It was conducted on 13th July 2018 in the presence of Mr.Alferd William, the principal of Little Flowers Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, Kundrathur. ‘The activity, you are most avoiding, contains your biggest opportunity’, was the highlight of the chief guest’s speech. There were many competitions such as elocution, debate, colouring the favourite poet, essay and poem writing held and the winners were honoured with awards by the chief guest. But our students who are opportunists, never miss any chances on their way. It trained the students to be independent progressive idealists who shape not only their minds but also the actions followed.

Maths Club – 7th September 2018 & 8th September 2018

Mrs. Anita Christopher, SFIS Math Department H.O.D, along with her provocative team played a vital role to extract the maximum of involvement of students in showcasing their creativity in array of models. Applying mathematical skills in real life, mathematical tricks, math talent hunt, think and splash out quiz and brain busters were enlightening competitions conducted for higher graders. In addition to this, Fancy dress show on the theme of famous mathematicians was performed by grade – III students. This effort by our math club is to create a positive impact on our students, generating interest and love for the subject mathematics.